The Lemonade for Life Story

This unique training was created to help people who have experienced trauma develop hope and resilience skills so they can rewrite the end of their stories, and create a brighter future.

Developed to help families create a better future for themselves

Groundbreaking research revealed that when individuals experience adverse childhood experience (ACEs) or suffer trauma, it can have a profound impact on the rest of their lives, influencing their long-term mental and physical health. But we also know that a person is not defined by what happened to them. Research on a hope and resiliency mindset has shown that we can take steps to rewrite the end of our stories, no matter how they start. 

Engaging trainers draw from professional experience

Lemonade for Life presenters come from a variety of backgrounds in social work, psychology, research, early childhood development, and education. They have decades of experience as therapists, social workers, home visitors, and researchers in the early childhood realm.

All are skilled trainers and facilitators who make the material come alive and engage participants in a meaningful experience that will leave them enthusiastic to get to work as hope ambassadors.

The essential next step after ACEs and trauma-informed training

Far too often, practitioners leave trainings on ACEs feeling overwhelmed and discouraged because they aren’t sure what they can do to help families impacted by trauma. But understanding ACEs is just the first step. The next step is for providers to learn the trauma-informed, hope-infused response taught in Lemonade for Life that shows families how to flip the scrip on their life.

Lemonade for Life equips participants to offer families the early interventions and parent support to turn those past ‘lemons’ of trauma into something stronger, sweeter, and sturdier that can help sustain them as they go through life.

Based on the science of hope and resilience

Hope is a powerful predictor of positive change. Numerous research studies have measured the impact of hope on people’s success in everything from their education to their careers. It’s on this science that Lemonade for Life is based, the understanding that hope and resilience are skills that can be taught and developed, with powerful results.

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