Color of His Own, A

Leo Lionni (1997), Dragonfly Books

Every animal has it’s own color – elephants are gray, pigs are pink, and tigers are striped! This bothers a particular chameleon, who does not have his own color. He tries sitting on a leaf in order to stay green forever – but even the leaf changes color, leaving the chameleon without a permanent mark. He spends the rest of winter sad about his predicament, until he meets another chameleon once spring arrives. This new chameleon can’t fix his color problem, but he suggests another solution: if they stay together wherever they go, at least they will always be alike. The two chameleons remain side by side for the rest of their days.

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Talk with a child about this book

Every animal is unique in their own way: pigs look different than elephants, who look different than tigers! What is one way that you are unique from everybody else?

The chameleon spends most of the story changing himself to look like everyone else around him. Why do you think he did that?

Everything changes for the chameleon when he meets his friend. What did his friend do to help the chameleon accept himself?

Sometimes it can help to have a friend who has been in your situation before guide you through a tough time. Can you think of a time when you helped out a friend?