Promise is a Promise, A

Robert N Munsch, Michael Kusugak, Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak (1988), Annick Press

Allashua ignores her mother’s warning not to fish in the ocean, and goes there anyway telling herself that the danger of being taken by the Qallupilluit is just a silly story. When the Qallupilluit does show up to take her away, Allashua promises to bring her younger siblings for it instead. She then goes to her mother, who comes up with a crafty way to keep Allashua’s promise while not giving the Qallupilluit any children.

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Talk with a child about this book

There were many promises made in this story – some were broken, and some were not. Why is it important to keep your promises?

Allashua ignores her mother’s warning and does not keep her promise to stay away from the ocean. Why did Allashua’s mother want to keep her away from the Qallupilluit in the ocean?

When Allashua was trapped by her promise to the Qallupilluit, she went to her mother for help. Who would you go to for help if you were in her situation?

What do you think Allashua learned from her experience with the Qallupilluit?