Alfie Gets in First

Shirley Hughes (2009), Red Fox

Alfie races his mom and sister to the door after a day of shopping. He runs inside first, and then slams the door shut, locking Mom and Annie Rose out of the house! Mom suggests how to open the door, but Alfie can’t reach the doorknob. Soon, the whole neighborhood is trying to get inside. Little do they know, Alfie is working to open the door by himself. He overcomes his fear of being inside alone and finds a solution. He opens the door for all of his neighbors and everyone comes inside to celebrate!

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Talk with a child about this book

How did Alfie overcome being locked inside the house?

Alfie’s neighbor, the milkman, and the window cleaner came to help Alfie’s mom. Can you think of a time when you helped a friend who needed your help?

At first, Alfie got very upset and started to cry. Can you think of a time when you were very upset about something? Were you able to find a solution to why you were upset?

How do you think Alfie felt after he accidentally locked the door? How do you think Alfie felt when he opened the door?