Always and Forever

Alan Durant (2004), Harcourt

Otter, Mole, Fox, and Hare live together in a house in the woods. They work together to keep the house clean and are very happy. Then Fox becomes very sick, goes into the woods, and passes away. His family finds him under a tree and buries him in his favorite place. Remembering Fox makes their hearts ache and Mole, Hare, and Otter are very sad for a long time. Their friend, Squirrel, comes to visit and reminds the family of funny things about Fox. The family begins to heal and remember Fox in a positive way.

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Talk with a child about this book

Was there any part of this book that made you feel sad?

Was there any part of this book that made you feel happy?

Was Rabbit being a good friend when he visited Otter, Mole, and Hare?

Have you ever had a friend help you when you are sad?

Review Always and Forever.

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