David Macaulay (2002), Houghton Mifflin

Angelo was repairing the stucco of a cathedral when he found an injured pigeon. He took the pigeon home to heal her, grumbling the whole time. When she became strong enough, Angelo began to take her to work and the countryside and the two began to bond. It wasn’t long before she was recovered, and flew off over the rooftops. Angelo continued to work and she performed in the parks, stopping by from time to time to check on Angelo. He seemed to be slowing down so the pigeon kept him company while he worked and grew older. One day, Angelo’s work was finally done, but he was not happy. He worried about where she would go when he was gone, until suddenly Angelo left the house. When the next morning arrived, Angelo did not show up to work and was found in bed among sticks and feathers. The building he had repaired looked like new, but only one part was truly new- the nest Angelo had created out of stucco for the pigeon that he loved.

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Talk with a child about this book

Angelo was skeptical of the pigeon at first but grew to love her. Have you ever been skeptical of something that you like now?

Angelo and the pigeon went on adventures together to the countryside. What are some places that you’ve always wanted to go to?

Was the pigeon a good friend to Angelo? Would you like to be a friend like her?

Angelo took care of the pigeon. What can you do to take care of something or someone?