Beautiful Oops

Barney Saltzberg (2010), Workman

This interactive book features different kinds of “oops” – a blob of paint, a ripped paper, a hole in the middle of a page – and how to turn them into beautiful creations. Through illustrations, the reader is encouraged to use the power of imagination to transform everyday mishaps into powerful creative starting points.

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Talk with a child about this book

This book had many different types of “oops!” moments. When was a time when you had an “oops” happen? What did it feel like to make an “oops”?

In this book, no mistake was too big or “oops” too bad to throw away. What do you think that means for the next time you make an “oops”?

Do “oops” only happen when you are drawing or making something? Do you think you can still find a way to make other “oops” into beautiful things too?

Some of the new pictures made out of the mistakes were more fun because of their “oops”! Just because things aren’t perfect doesn’t mean they’re wrong or bad. Can you think of something that’s good in your life just the way it is, “oops” and all?