Crazy Hair Day

Barney Saltzberg (2008), Candlewick

Stanley Birdbaum is ready to celebrate “Crazy Hair Day” at school, but is a week too early. Too much despair, he learns that not only is it NOT “Crazy Hair Day”, but IT IS picture day.  Fortunately, friendship and kindness prevail and turn his worst-ever experience into a day that no one will forget.

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Talk with a child about this book

What day did Stanley think it was? What day was it really?

How did his best friend, Larry, and the other classmates respond when they saw Stanley? How did that make Stanley feel? Have you ever been teased? How did that make you feel?

After Larry teased him, what did Larry do?

Once Stanley decided to leave the bathroom and join his classmates, what did he do in the hallway? How did singing make him feel?

What did all of Stanley’s classmates do at the end of the story? How did that make Stanley feel?

Have you ever helped a friend?