Sheila Rae the Brave

Kevin Henkes (1996), HarperTrophy

Sheila Rae thinks she’s not afraid of anything and shows it by doing everything from stepping on cracks to taking on bullies, while her little sister Louise follows. Sometimes Sheila Rae is too brave for her own good and tries risky or dangerous things which in this case, results in her getting lost far from home. Luckily, when she becomes scared and is crying, Louise surprises her, rescues her, and leads the way home with all the bravery she’s learned from Shelia Rae.

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Talk with a child about this book

Would you want to be friends with Sheila Rae? Why or why not?

Was there any part of this book that made you feel happy?

How do you think Louise felt when she got to step in and be the hero for her big sister?

What did Sheila Rae and Louise each learn from their adventure getting lost?