Heart and the Bottle, The

Oliver Jeffers (2010), Philomel Books

This story captures the heart-break of a young girl after facing the loss of someone she loved dearly. The girl decides to protect her heart from opening and thus being hurt again. After making this choice, she begins to see the world differently – heavy and awkward. She remains this way until a small, curious child reminds her of the importance of wonder and opening oneself to the possibilities of life.

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Talk with a child about this book

Have you ever lost someone you loved? Do you think about that person with a happy or sad heart?

What did you think when the girl put her heart in the bottle?

When have you experienced sadness in your heart? What helped you feel better?

Can you think of someone who has helped you feel better after sadness? Have you helped someone?

If one of your friends lost someone they loved, what could you do to help?