Tillie and the Wall

Leo Lionni (1991), Knopf

Tillie is a curious little mouse. For as long as she (or anyone!) can remember, a long, long wall has separated them from the rest of the world. Tillie explores and experiments until she finds a way to get to the other side – where she meets more mice! After a celebration, she leads them on an expedition back to her side where everyone parties together to commemorate Tilly’s adventures and discovery.

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Talk with a child about this book

Why do you think Tillie was so interested in the wall?

Tillie imagines all sorts of strange and interesting creatures that live on the other side of the wall. Besides the other mice, what do you think could still be out there?

In this story, Tillie tries many different ways to make it over, through, and under the wall. What is one thing she tried that showed how persistent she is?

Do you think at any point that Tillie wanted to give up? What’s something she could have told herself to keep going?

What is one way in this story that Tillie showed she was a leader to the other mice?