What Do You Do With an Idea

Kobi Yamada (2014), Compendium Inc.

What to do with an idea? And what even is an idea? This book explores this abstract concept by personifying the idea of a child. Beautiful illustrations portray the child’s idea as an egg-shaped creature with legs and a crown. At first the child is unsure of what to do with this idea and is concerned about other people’s opinion of it. Some say it’s no good. Too weird. A waste of time. But then the child realizes, maybe it doesn’t matter what others think. It’s MY idea. Ideas are meant to nurtured, worked with, played with, and loved.  

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Talk with a child about this book

What does the child’s idea look like?

Do you think this is what all ideas look like? Can anyone actually see an idea?

Have you ever had an idea?

Did anyone love your idea? Or tell you it was no good?

What did you do with that idea?

Have you ever hid an idea?