Discussion Prompts

The richness of the BounceBack Book experience lies in the conversations that emerge from caregiver/child interactions. We’ve provided discussion prompts for every book in the BounceBack collection to help facilitate meaningful discussion and reflection as you read together with a child. Additionally, the following generic prompts can be used with any book to help get to the heart of the story of hopeful and resilient characters.

How did (character) overcome (challenge)?

How did (character) show (other character) (trait)?

Why do you think (character) did (action)? What’s something you would have/could have done in that same situation?

What do you think (character) learned?

This story showed a boy/girl/animal who was very good at (trait). Can you think of a time when you showed (trait)?

(Character) did (action), (action), and (action). What do you think this says about them?

Would you like to have (character) as a friend? Why?

How do you think (character) could have been more (trait)?