Lemonade for Life is an informative and interactive shared experience where leading-edge research is paired with small and large group discussion to provide a rich learning environment. We have a variety of training options that span from virtual to in-person courses, private group, or open enrollment sessions.

“ I loved the Lemonade for Life week!  It felt like self-care to me even though it was virtual training 90 minutes each day for the work week…It seems like something we all need right now while we try to muddle through this time of COVID-19 that is scary and uncertain.”

Jen  (Iowa)

Change Futures

Join us for a Lemonade for Life training. There are three ways to participate in Lemonade for Life:

Hosted group training

This private training can include a variety of different group structures, from your workplace or organization, to a select group of diverse stakeholders in your community. If you are interested in finding out about hosting a group training, contact us.

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Open virtual training

Individual participants are invited to join us for our scheduled open training sessions. These sessions are held over four days, for two hours each day.

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Open in-person training

Individual participants are invited to join us for our scheduled open training sessions, currently held in Iowa. Each training takes place over one day with a group of up to 25 participants. 

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The Lemonade for Life experience includes:

You will gather with fellow participants for five 90-minute sessions, which all take place in one week, Monday through Friday.

Prior to the training, you will receive an introduction to ACEs and do a self-assessment. This professional training module is geared toward all experience levels.

It’s common to leave inspiring training experiences with lots of energy and enthusiasm, only to lose momentum. That’s why follow-up coaching is a key component of Lemonade for Life. Your trainer will meet with your cohort six weeks after the training experience to discuss your challenges and successes, answer questions and help problem solve, helping you to turn your knowledge into action that improves the lives of the families you serve.

Your participation in a training will give you exclusive access to a host of resources on the Lemonade for Life website, like current research, videos, articles, and exercises.

Every week after your course, leading up to your group coaching call, you’ll receive a support email that helps you take the learning a step further by providing additional resources and weekly action plans.

Let's Talk

We’d love to hear about you and your organization – your goals, opportunities, and challenges — to see how Lemonade for Life can work for you.