Welcome to the Lemonade for Life Experience

We’re excited to begin this important work with you. Before you attend your first Lemonade for Life training session, please complete the following:

ACEs Questionnaire

It is important to identify our own ACEs score before helping others process their own. So please complete the ACEs Questionnaire and keep it for your own reference. (The information is for your own purposes and will not be identified or shared.)

The ACEs Questionnaire is also available in Spanish

ACES 101 Module

The ACEs 101 module provides critical background information on Adverse Childhood Experiences. Pleases complete it before our training. You will need to create a free account to access the course. The course will take about one hour to complete. 

Mind-Set Score

While knowing our ACEs score is important, it’s also valuable to know our mindset as a key component of hope and resiliency. Please download this sheet and determine your mindset score before this training. Note: Only look at the first page to complete the questionare and then use the second page to determine your score. 

Pre-Training Survey

Please complete the registration survey that was sent to you via email.