Why Read BounceBack Books

The BounceBack Books collection offers ideas for books to read and discuss with children. BounceBack Books tell stories that children can learn and grow from. They speak to the child’s imagination and capture attention in ways that set the stage for rich discussion with caring adults. These stories depict characters that THINK BIG, STAY STRONG, and DO GOOD. The skills and mindset demonstrated in these beautifully illustrated picture books and smart, touching stories can be used to jumpstart conversations, instill values, inspire action, and build hope and resilience. Research tells us that kids who learn how to BounceBack from struggle or trauma become adults who approach life with a strong sense of hope and resilience. And we know that hopeful and resilient adults can work to break cycles of intergenerational trauma by modeling those skills and mindset.
It is our hope that these children’s books will spark conversations that help children practice considering alternative views and relate concepts in the stories to their own lives.
As children observe characters making decisions based on personal principles, and discuss these observations with caring adults, they may become more familiar and confident with their own ability to bounceback from challenging life events.