Alphabet Tree, The

Leo Lionni (2004), Knopf

The Alphabet Tree is full of leaves and letters that constantly get scattered by the wind. In order to stay safe, the letters have been bunched together in the center of the tree for a very long time. All of this changes when the word-bug comes along and shows the letters how to become stronger against the wind by joining together to make words. Then, a fuzzy caterpillar shows the words how to say important things worth hearing. The letters are no longer scattered about.

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Talk with a child about this book

When the first very strong wind flew in, how do you think the letters felt? What did they do because of that?

When the word-bug first came to the scared letters, how did they show that they were all willing to adapt and work as a team?

Both the word-bug and the fuzzy caterpillar are very patient with the letters. They encourage the letters and let them take their time to assemble. When was a time when you were patient?

If you had an Alphabet Tree, what kinds of words would you make with all of your letters? What message would you send on the fuzzy caterpillar’s back for the President to see?