Ant and Honey Bee

Megan McDonald (2005), Candlewick Press

Ant and Honey Bee are always a pair. When the time comes for Cricket’s dress-up party, they decide to go as a washer and dryer and get to work making their awesome costumes. While they make their way to Cricket’s house, friends try to guess what they are. No one can tell they are a washer and dryer! Suddenly, it starts to rain on Ant and Honey Bee. Their costumes are a soggy blobby mess but the pair quickly think of a new clever costume. A beehive and anthill!

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Talk with a child about this book

Honey Bee wants to be a pilgrim and stay the same as last year but Ant wants to do something new. Which friend are you more like?

What new things would you like to try?

Ant and Honey Bee got caught in the rain. Why were they stuck? How did they get out?

When Ant and Honey Bee’s costumes were ruined, they quickly thought of a new costume. How can you use your creativity to solve problems?